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Where the Journey to a Perfect Smile Begins

Pediatric Dentists in Lorton, Springfield and Fairfax, VA

Welcome to Destination Smile!

Now accepting Tricare patients!!

We specialize in outstanding pediatric dental care by providing a warm and loving environment. Our office was designed to offer a unique dental experience. Bright, lively colors were chosen not only as a compliment to the effervescent personalities of our doctors and staff, but to create a welcoming atmosphere for your child.

We wanted this to be a space for the children, where they feel happy and comfortable. The simple office décor leads children from one “destination” to another as they travel through the office on the path to a perfect smile. Our design appeals to the imagination of all ages. A journey to any destination should be exciting, and we strive to make your child’s oral care a fun experience, as well. Our mission is to make this visit a fun and rewarding experience for your child.

Dental care is not a once or twice-a-year venture but the result of proper day-to-day maintenance. We will teach your child optimum care techniques in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We want to give your child the proper tools to succeed.

We will work with you to alleviate any fears and answer any questions your child may have by encouraging you to speak to our dentists directly in an effort to address these concerns. Additionally, we are skilled in caring for children with special health care needs and will make every accommodation possible to serve your family.

Whether a toddler or a young adult, we are confident in our ability to establish a travel plan toward dental care that will remain with your child throughout life. We are currently accepting new passengers and look forward to piloting your child’s flight on Destination Smile... where the journey to a perfect smile begins.

Will you take the journey with us?

Pediatric Dentists in Lorton, Springfield and Fairfax, VA